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Making a statement: How to achieve the WOW factor

First impressions count, especially when it comes to bars and clubs, the atmosphere is just as important as food and drink and your interior plays a huge part in that. Flaking paint, drink stained furniture and sticky carpets can make all the difference to a consumer searching for the perfect drinking destination and thanks to social media, a bad review now goes down quicker than a two-for-one offer on payday Friday!

We appreciate that design trends come and go pretty quickly, (who can honestly say they miss entering a room where the only light source was a disco ball?) and as much as we’d like to justify re-decorating every couple of years, it’s not practical. But, it doesn’t have to be difficult to ensure your premises is keeping up with the latest interior trends.

Beacon has worked with Beacon's suppliers to identify the latest interior trends that are set to stick around and advise on how operators can introduce these trends to attract and wow thirsty audiences.

Playing with pastels
Pastel’s are back for 2019. These delicate, chalky shades are being used to transform tired spaces into modern marvels, with pretty pinks and soothing blues the most popular colour choices amongst operators. Beacon’s supplier, Dulux predicted the return of these understated shades and introduced a four strong range of pastel palettes; Think, Dream, Love and Act, ahead of 2019 that encompass positivity, energy and warmth.

For operators looking to take the pastel trend further than the walls, Beacon’s suppliers, Burgess Furniture Limited believe this year is all about statement and feature furniture pieces, revealing a huge uplift towards pastel shades in soft furnishings as operators look to incorporate some playful colour into neutral bar spaces. Pastel pink bar stools and chairs are being used across the globe to compliment the statement features of modern establishments, including marble bar tops and flooring, and enhance the aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated décor that has proved a huge hit with Instagram loving audiences.

In recent months, gold accessories have been paired with warm pastel shades to amplify the glamorous air these tones exume. Gold bar rails and waitress stations are classic additions for those looking to truly invest in this trend, with cutlery, candle holders and light fixtures amongst the popular, more subtle options.

Photo credit: www.skoposfabrics.com

Gaga for geometrics
Geometric patterns have taken the interior world by storm over the last twelve months. Unapologetically bold, these cubic, prismic and hexagonal printed wallcoverings have been installed in mural-like locations to create unique drinking environments that are appreciated by the masses. Often printed in foil to intensify designs, geometric patterns are expertly paired with deep shades of blue and green, which Burgess Furniture Limited revealed have become a popular choice amongst operators wanting to make a statement and add personality to their ornamentation.

Beacon’s supplier, Muraspec Wallcoverings predict geometric patterns will continue to evolve, with texture playing a huge role in 2019. To add more dimension to the statement designs, Muraspec Wallcoverings are working on a range of new texture developments, that include fabric and terrazzo embossed wallcoverings, a composite material made from chips of marble, quartz, glass and other materials.

Bar Area

For those looking to create a cooler, more daring guise, geometric patterns work best when contrasted, this effect can be achieved with statement walls and embellished cushions or soft furnishings which can be separated by metallic fixtures and fittings. Beacon’s supplier, Skopos Fabrics Limited states that the key for operators is to not be afraid to play with patterns and to explore bespoke prints that can help to emphasise the individuality of a building.

Luscious layers
Some of the most unique bars and clubs have an element of history to them, residing in old theatre houses, libraries or banks. It can be difficult for operators to preserve this history whilst ensuring they are attracting modern audiences, but using rich fabrics can help to create a speakeasy like vibe.


Velvet is a sumptuous fabric that has slowly but surely crept its way back interior spaces. Its decadent, jewel-like appearance is the ideal texture to enhance story-telling architecture, to create a welcoming, jaw-dropping space. Classic velvet upholstered bar stools, chairs and booths in deep shades of blue, purple and green offer luxury and comfort with Skopos Fabrics Limited revealing that rugged leather items can be offset with a shot of metallic velvet to create a space that is rich in both history and style.

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