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Salmon Prices Set To Soar

With Easter fast approaching, M&J Seafood warn of steady price increases on fish favourites such as Salmon and Lobster. Read on to find out what's hot in the world of seafood this month and beyond.

Salmon has long been a firm favourite for consumers and it seems that demand is outstripping supply, with prices set to soar prior to Easter.

Whilst fish giant M&J report that Salmon volumes from Norway are currently in line with the same period last year, however catches are expected to drop from 26-30 thousand tonnes a week to a reduced 20-22 thousand tonnes a week over coming weeks - impacting costs for Easter. This coupled with Chilean harvest reductions and seasonal popularity, will apply pressure to pricing.

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Top picks for April

Cod & Haddock – Slow season start along with unexpected poor weather will
affect supplies in April and May.

Sea Bass & Bream – Steady prices and good availability apart from 600-800g

Frozen Rosso Prawns
– Demand is growing as Rosso Prawns are increasingly
used as an alternative to Black Tiger Prawns, pushing prices up.

FAS Whitefish – Prices affected by 2019 Barents Sea quota cuts, high
demand and lack of smaller fillets.

Scampi – Continued high demand and low landings driving prices up.

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Whilst less common, Skrei Cod boasts a clean and delicate flavour, with large smooth white flakes and a firm texture. In many parts of the world it is considered a culinary delicacy in many parts of the world. The Skrei Cod season continues throughout April. Find out more about Skrei Cod here.